The Firm @mHype [Free Track Tuesday – New Zealand Music Fans Community]

Jakarta’s answer to Depeche Mode?

The Firm are dark, bleak, melancholic, all of the above.  But they hope that this atmosphere manifests itself into some sort of tortured beauty with an outside albeit accessible perspective which musically explores the darker side of Western culture a la new romanticism, industrial rock and Morrissey.

The Firm is an alternative pop band from Indonesia.  The band started thanks to a mutual love of the same music such as Radiohead’s The Bends.  Initially made up of members Odie, Aji, Ariel & Anay Ndut, the band seeked out personnel for keyboards and vocals.

They then recruited Ipang & Ian Gorgom to join the group and thus The Firm was born. Retro and futuristic sounds have added character to the sonic makeup of The Firm whom attempt to evoke a hopeless and dark feeling in their music. Broken hearts and that old love lost aesthetic, the sextet acknowledge that these harsh scenarios can be re-presented in a beautiful light.

Their songs deal with themes of romantiscm, lyrics about falling in love being  a common characteristic. Static lo-fi vocals, classic rock distorted guitar effects, a solid rhythm section and a touch of keyboard synths make up of the sound palette of The Firm as well as nods to such influences as Radiohead, Rialto, Sonic Youth, Morrissey, and Moby


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